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Tempus Babnik | MB

Marija Babnik, CEO, project manager

Tempus Babnik | MB

Teja Koršič, project manager

Tempus Babnik can provide turnkey solutions for the outsourced management of a company’s entire administrative process.

We provide a range of tailored advisory services, helping you focus on the key questions at every critical stage.

We try to see a business through an investor’s lens and are focused on helping clients identify, evaluate, and successfully implement their growth strategies in today’s complex business landscape.

Our general business development consulting and advisory services include the following:

Business formation

We assist clients with choosing the right legal form for their business and support them in formally setting up their establishment, covering all business management and administration services. These include recruitment, ongoing assistance for statutory, accounting, and tax requirements, employee and payroll management, health and safety compliance, and corporate secretarial services, as well as payment services.


Assistance in preparing a business plan and other investment documentation

We prepare business plans and investment programs for businesses based on business idea review and competition analysis. We also prepare other documents, for example, a study of variants, feasibility studies for cohesion policy projects including the applications, review of investment documentation, the groundwork for public-private partnerships, investment benchmark analysis, turnkey services, land options and selection, subsidy documentation, customer analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.


M&A services

Searching for opportunities in M&A projects, support to investors during the M&A process, restructuring, and turnaround support in the post-acquisition phase.
Whether it’s an acquisition, disposal, management buy-out (MBO), or management buy-in (MBI), our practical, technical advice and support at every stage of the process, will help you achieve your goals efficiently.
If you’re seeking acquisition to take your business to the next level or considering disposal to streamline your operations or plan your retirement, we can apply our expertise to optimize the value of the transaction for you.
We never forget we work as part of a team with our clients.

Technology exchange

Support in finding partners for companies, that have products or services with high added value potential (innovative products or services, patented or niche products, etc).

Corporate finance and transactions

Advice and support at every stage of your business journey.
Any significant transaction carries several risks, which are not always immediately apparent. By helping clients understand a transaction’s true value and mitigating avoidable threats, we can improve the process and, ultimately, outcomes.

A company goes through many growth phases during its lifecycle; from entrepreneurs to established entities and beginners to blue chips. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to advise and support you.

Whether you’re raising funds or seeking to sell or acquire, looking to list, or exploring expansion, the right advice and support could mean the difference between success and failure.

Success is not a matter of chance. The realization of your idea is our mutual goal.

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