Tempus Babnik primary focus is to support companies in their daily challenges and guide them into the future by focusing on their growth. We invest our knowledge and experience in working for you through mutual cooperation in all phases of the project.


Tempus Babnik, Ltd, Ljubljana is a consulting company founded in 1995 to provide services related to advisory in investment decisions.

Years of experience in advising companies or individuals by providing guidance, connections, and investment documentation such as (pre)feasibility studies, business plans, assistance in deal-making, etc. for various projects and purposes give us the basis for a high professional level of service.

Alongside the preparation of investment documentation, our services include the acquisition of EU funds and other favorable sources of financing, business and financial consulting, accounting services, and more.

In our work, we have gradually established diverse business relationships with our business partners, public utilities, and services at the governmental and local levels.

Today, we can provide companies with all the needed support in either investment, advisory, or help in negotiations with local authorities in getting the most favorable terms for their market entry.

This way we can offer comprehensive and complete business service solutions in project implementation, from inception to completion.

Success is never a coincidence! The realization of your idea is our mutual goal.

Tempus Babnik d.o.o.


Letališka 33
1000 Ljubljana

Telephone Number

+386 1 586 4170

+386 40 631 595 (Marija)

+386 40 331 134 (Teja)

+386 40 645 595 (Irena)