Years of experience in preparing economic and financial documentation for various projects and purposes give us the basis for a high professional level of service. We invest our knowledge and experience in working for you through mutual cooperation in all phases of the project.
We are a consulting company founded in 1995 to provide services related to the preparation of investment documentation such as prefesibility, feasibility reports and business plans. Alongside the preparation of investment documentation our services include acquisition of EU funds and other favorable sources of financing, business consulting, financial consulting, accounting services and more.

For users of public financial resources, such as ministries, municipalities, educational institutions and public companies, and for companies, associations, agricultural holdings in the private sector we prepare investment documents and applications for grants.

In our work, we have gradually established diverse business relationships with our business partners, public utilities, and services at the governmental and local levels.

Today, we can offer not only the company’s core services but can also work with you as part of a Task Force, which can provide services related to urban planning, design, civil engineering, environmental protection, transport, healthcare, agriculture and other sectors. This way we can offer comprehensive and complete business service solutions in project implementation, from inception to completion.

Success is never a coincidence! The realization of your idea is yours and our common goal.

Success is not a matter of chance. The realization of your idea is our mutual goal.

Tempus Babnik d.o.o.


Letališka 33
1000 Ljubljana

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+386 1 586 4170