Acquisition of European funds and other favourable financial resources

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Teja Koršič, project manager
Extensive experience in the field of EU and other grant funding for various projects provides a strong basis for our expertise and high level of service.

A prerequisite for all business operations is financial resources, which according to their source can be:

  • Company’s own funds
  • Foreign (repayable) sources of financing – loans, etc.

Non-reimbursable funding sources, such as:

  • EU grants (European funding)
  • Grants from other foreign investment funds (e.g. the Norwegian fund, etc.)
  • Grants from Republic of Slovenia
  • Grants from municipalities

Our company, Tempus Babnik d.o.o., can help you gain access to any type of these financial resources to help fund your business activities. We offer the following services:

  • Advice on the structure of financial resources appropriate to your business
  • Preparation of investment and other documentation (studies, environmental reports, consents, permissions, etc.) for the projects
  • Cost-benefit analyses and other financial and economic analyses
  • Preparation of applications for tenders
  • Monitoring of the project and project reporting
  • Preparation and submitting of claims for payment of awarded grants
  • Comprehensive advice on the preparation and management of EU-funded projects
  • Documents required to obtain loans and/or other sources of private funding
  • Consulting on public-private partnerships
  • Other analyses, reports and documents

Success is not a matter of chance. The realization of your idea is our mutual goal.

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